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Nature's Variety | Instinct 
#LoveisRaw Campaign 

While at The Richards Group, I had the privilege of working on a brand I'm very passionate about, Nature's Variety, a pet food brand. We specifically were tasked with nationally promoting their newly re-branded raw pet food line, Instinct, on an entirely digital budget. The platforms included YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and display. 


As the lead Social Strategist on the account, I worked closely with our Account Planners, Media and Paid Social teams to create a strategic and sequential messaging structure through Facebook and Instagram ads.

Once the foundation was set, I helped brief the Creative team to create thought-provoking, social-first Facebook and Instagram ads using the hero footage and key supporting messages for our sequential messaging structure.


With millions of impressions and thousands of site clicks later, we successfully showcased a better way to feed pets through the #LoveisRaw campaign. 

#TakeBackPetFood Campaign 

Following the first campaign's great results, we were tasked with a new goal: Take Back Pet Food. 

Now that we had successfully got the word out about a better way to feed pets, it was time to further educate our audience with details around the WHY and HOW behind raw pet food.


After applying learnings from the first campaign ad ecosystem, we additionally grew the campaign to include influencers in order to help support our message.

I worked closely with our outside influencer partner and Brand Management team to identify, vet and brief the 30+ influencers on the campaign. After making sure the resulting content was aligned with key branding and messaging, we went LIVE. 

The influencer initiative was key to our success with the #TakeBackPetFood campaign, which helped us again, generate millions of impressions and thousands of website clicks. 

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