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Check If Your Facebook Pixel is Installed Correctly (Quick & Dirty Hack)

You've installed your Facebook/Meta pixel, but now you aren't sure if it's installed correctly or firing properly - we've all been there! Follow the quick & dirty steps below or watch the video to check installation without having to comb through your website's code!

  1. Visit the Google Chrome Store extensions section and search for the Meta Pixel Helper chrome extension and download it to your Chrome browser.

2. Visit your website and pull up your newly installed Meta Pixel Helper Chrome Extension:

3. Click on it, and check the pop-up screen. Your pixel and related info will show up if installed correctly! If it doesn't show up and it can't find it, then you need to re-check your installation instructions and try again. It will also let you know if there is an error.

This is also handy to confirm you are using the right Pixel ID in your Business Manager and ad campaigns if you have old or multiple pixels you are working with!

And that's it, super simple and easy!

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