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10 Easy Steps to Set Up Facebook Ads for Small Businesses [PDF Download]

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  • As a social media marketer for 7+ years, I've seen first-hand the common mistakes, questions and strategies that small business owners are asking about or missing when it comes to their social media advertising. 


    I've outlined 10 steps in this easy-to-follow PDF Download to get you started with ease and drive results.


    What's Included: 

    1. Create and Set Up your Facebook Business Manager
    2. Set Up Your Facebook Pixel
    3. Verify Your Website Domain
    4. Basic Ad Strategy Planning
    5. Ad Account Set Up Basics
    6. Ad Copy Writing Best Practices (with examples!)
    7. Ad Creative Best Practices
    8. Setting Up Your Ad Campaign (step-by-step)
    9. Key Performance Metric Benchmarks (and definitions)
    10. Optimizing and Improving Your Campaign 


    Invest in your business today and start moving the needle with this easy guide!

  • This is a direct PDF File Download. You will recieve a link to download at checkout and also a download link will be sent to you via email. 

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